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  • 13-18 April: FEJS: Annual Congress "The Fearless Press" (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 26-28 April: Teachers' Conference, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
  • 19-21 June: NEWCASTLE Sanctuary Songs: Refugees and asylum-seekers in/and the media: an academic conference and cultural festival. More information can be found here.
  • 18-20 October: Annual General Meeting & Conference, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  • 3- 5 November: Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis (Athens - Greece)​​


​April 13-18: FEJS: Annual Congress "The Fearless Press" (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

We are reaching out to you with good news: Forum for European Journalism Students, FEJS, is activating it’s operations and network again! FEJS’s is organizing an Annual Conference in Ljubljana in April 2023! Since there have been couple of silent years because of Pandemic FEJS needs our help in EJTA schools to reach journalism students all over Europe to be invited to the to the AC. There is now only four students coming to the event outside Slovenia.

What we would like you to do is:

Most important and urgent: Please send the invitation: ac23.fejs.info. The call for applications has been extended until 20th March and this will be updated to the page soon. But we would like you to hurry up with this news.
FEJS also asks us to courage students to offer themselves working in the future board, which they hope to be elected during the AC. The contact person is FEJS International Secretary General Vlad Khodakovsky: 

For this year‘s general theme of the congress, FEJS have chosen a very relevant and, unfortunately, also extremely current topic in the world of journalism. The event has a title „The Fearless Press“ with an additional slogan: „Journalists unfettered, reporting safe and better“. Journalists face a range of risks and dangers while carrying out their work, especially in conflict zones, authoritarian regimes, and areas where there is social unrest. They are exposed to physical violence, threats, harassment, detention, and even assassination.


April 26-28: Liverpool John Moores University’s Journalism Department invites us to the 2023 EJTA Teachers’ conference on the teaching of Sports, Society and Specialist Journalism.

** Register here **

We hope to raise many questions about the growth of Sports Journalism as an academic subject and how we adapt this and other specialisms into our courses. The conference will also look at the wider impact of sport on society and the role journalism can play in monitoring sports bodies and corporations. Guest speakers from the BBC and the UK’s Guardian newspaper will contribute expertise and we are hoping to tackle the debate on sport, money, and ethics, focusing on the World Cup in Qatar. More information can be found here.

Contact persons are Jackie Newton (j.newton1@ljmu.ac.uk) and Frances Yeoman (f.h.yeoman@ljmu.ac.uk).

November 3-5: Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis (Athens - Greece)

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for presentations at the forthcoming international conference entitled "Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis", which will be held in November 3-5, 2023, in Athens, Greece.