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Windesheim’s School of Journalism includes Constructive Journalism

Windesheim’s School of Journalism in the Netherlands is the first international School of Journalism in the world to integrate Constructive Journalism into its curriculum, research and international partnerships. As part of this initiative, Cathrine Gyldensted, a leading Danish journalist and originator of this new form of journalism, has accepted the position of Director of Constructive Journalism at Windesheim.

The appointment of Gyldensted is in line with the degree programme’s explicit choice to make constructive, problem-solving journalism one of Windesheim’s top priorities. Gyldensted´s focus will be threefold: education, research and international cooperation.


Gyldensted will be integrating constructive journalism elements and techniques into the existing curriculum and develop an international Constructive Journalism minor. Secondly, Gyldensted will organize training courses for newsrooms and initiate interdisciplinary research with researchers at Windesheim and external partners. Thirdly, Gyldensted will establish partnerships around constructive journalism with interested schools of Journalism, universities and media organizations worldwide.