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Data dilemmas: Challenges for journalists in digital Europe

3 days of knowledge-sharing: October 19, 20 and 21 from 10.00-13.00

How do we track surveillance and deal with cybersecurity? How do we investigate abuse of personal data? How can we assess the lobbying power of big tech? These are questions of acute importance for all journalists – here is a chance to get closer to some answers!

In 3 half-day online seminars we zoom in on 3 crucial areas:

  • Cybersecurity for journalists – how and why did spyware end up in journalists’ phones? Does the EU cybersecurity strategy provide sufficient protection for journalists and other actors in civil society?
  • Data collection often happens without consent, for example when it comes to migrants at Europe’s borders or to predictions in relation to social welfare. How can journalists research this abuse of rights?
  • The power and lobbying of Big Tech in Europe – the tech sector is by far the biggest lobbying factor in the EU. What does that mean for decision-making in Brussels?

Each day will showcase journalistic examples on coverage of the problem  and a discussion of rules and legislation in the area. We also look ahead for initiatives to improve the situation.

The seminars are aimed at journalists, but open for all and free of charge. Register here.

The seminars are arranged by Arena for Journalism in Europe in cooperation with the Panelfit Consortium, OBC Transeuropa, and the European Data Journalism Network.

For more information see the Data Dilemmas website or write