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EJTA AGM and Annual Conference, Spring 2018, SPAIN

Fast journalism vs. slow journalism

Speed has always been a central part of journalism as people want to be informed about events and threats as soon as possible. Over the past decade technological and commercial forces have strengthened the emphasis on speed. At the same time professional journalism has lost its monopoly on the production and distribution of fast news. The central question of the conference is whether the future of journalism, and therefore in journalism education, lies in Fast Journalism, in Slow Journalism, or in both.

Venue: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

C/ Roc Boronat, 138 | 08018 Barcelona | SPAIN

Download the AGM and conference agenda here.

This is a members only event. All members are kindly asked to register HERE.


EJTA Teachers' Conference Autumn 18-19 Oct 2018, GREECE

Venue: to be confirmed, Thessaloniki, Greece

EJTA AGM and Annual Conference, 2019 , FRANCE (as part of WJEC5)

Venue: to be confirmed, Paris, France

EJTA Teachers' Conference, Autumn 2019, GERMANY

Venue: to be confirmed, Dortmund, Germany

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